Tuesday, November 10, 2009

A Purpose Driven Moment

I'm not a deeply religious person, though I am very spiritual. My beliefs and faith in God guide me in everything that I do (though I periodically slip-up). Still, I felt led to talk about this. Sometimes we struggle in life trying to find our purpose and place; doubt plagues our minds and our hearts. If you were raised in a Christian based environment then you know it is at these moments you have to rely on your faith to get through.

I recently be-friended someone who was going through some tough times in their life and needed a real friend. Additionally, I was questioning God's reasoning for placing me in an environment with so much turmoil and instability. However, I quickly realized that it was not about me but was a chance for me to use my own experiences to minister to someone else. All in all it is not how many church services we attend or auxiliaries we belong to; it's about showing God's grace through our actions.

I do not believe that our encounters with others are by happenstance. Nor do I believe that the trials we go through are our own. What I do believe is that we often endure so that our victory can be a testimony for someone else. On this day I thank God for turning every adverse event in my life into something positive. I thank Him even more for giving me the strength I needed to get through them. It is because of those low moments that I am able to attest to the high ones yet to come. I can now say that I fully understand what a purpose driven moment is. May God's grace be with you all.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

I'm A Flirt

A wink here, a smile there...but what's really good with flirting!

Scenario 1: You're out with your girlfriends in a club on a Friday night. The music is great, the atmosphere is groovy and the drinks are flowing! For once you're allowing yourself the opportunity to enjoy some "me time" with the girls while your significant other is at home. A very dapper gentleman (your type) sends you a drink and requests your presence at his table. You oblige, opting to check him out. When you get to the table he is smooth as silk with his approach. You eventually grin and giggle your way into oblivion. By the time it's all over you're ready to give out everything but your SSN.
It's only talking right...

Depending on how far you take it flirting can quickly turn from an eye wink to something much more sinister. We all like to know that we still have it, but at what cost? Is it going too far to give out a number over an email? Should a drink from a potential suitor be accepted if your married/in a relationship?

In the end it's all based upon the individual and the circumstance. My advice is to be cognizant of how your actions are perceived by the recipient, your partner and others. Flirting can indeed be harmless and even fun, but in the wrong situation can lead to serious trouble.