Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The Show

Entertainment comes in many forms: traveling, sports, gambling, boating, movies, theater, and the list can go on and on. The bigger the bank roll the more vast the playground. An area of entertainment that always comes under scrutiny is the adult entertainment industry; in particular exotic dancers. From gentlemen clubs to male reviews people from all walks of life flock to get their “shake-a-booty” fix. I know I’m going to catch some flack about this from my friends, but I’m willing to put it out there for the sake of getting the discussion going. So let’s do it…

It’s been heavily debated whether or not those in relationships (especially men) should spend time in strip clubs. The moral court says that it presents temptation men/women should not be exposed to. The feminist court says that men who venture to these places are misogynistic and that the women are victims. The court of free will says who cares as long as no one is cheating. Ask anyone out there male or female and I’m sure you’ll get an opinion. What’s surprising to most is that I err on the side of free will. In my opinion a stripper is no more tempting than a cute co-worker or sexy intern if the intent is there. What people fail to realize is regardless of how many rules or stipulations you have in place; if someone wants to be dishonest and cheat they will find a way. Ironically enough, that way will more than likely be with someone you know as opposed to Candy from Delilah’s. In my lifetime I’ve had a few encounters with the strip club scene.

From those encounters I observed the following:

1. Female patrons are much more aggressive than their male counterparts

2. Female patrons appear to be married and over the age of 30

3. Female patrons appear to spend a lot of money in strip clubs

4. Female patrons don't seem to be phased by interacting with half naked men.

That being said it boils down to the common societal stereotype that good girls don’t take off their clothes for money. Bad boys, on the other hand, can do what they please. I didn’t see any women at the club telling “Dark Stranger” he should be ashamed of himself. If anything they prompted him to take it off!

Final Word: A strip club, like any of the other activities previously named, is no more than a form of entertainment.  The problem ensues when boundaries are crossed and your homelife is no longer a priority.  Having breakfast, lunch and dinner at the Player's Club (by the way eating at a strip club is gross) is definitely a sign that something is wrong in your relationship.  The key is that everything should be done in moderation.

Thanks for reading!
Ms. Ty

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CAG said...

I couldn't have said this any better Ty! So if anyone comes at your neck I definitely have your back! (Smile)

Yes I've actually been a patron of both male and female strip clubs. I actually prefer going to the female strip clubs with my male friends because I don't feel pressured to tip.(HA!) Plus male strippers are waay to freakin aggressive! Without going too far off a tangent, I've actually known of women WITH HUSBANDS OR SO's that fall in love with these strippers (AS IF!)

On the other hand, the men that I've gone to the strip club with acknowledge it as entertainment and keep it moving. IN FACT, most of the female strippers tend to be gay so they don't be checking them for anything serious. Just their money. LOL I mean they'll 'flip for tricks', but at they would much prefer to go in a different lane if you get my drift.

All and all, like you mentioned, if someone's going to cheat they are going to freakin cheat. And the same one's that are judging the next person on their "hobbies" are the same ones that don't even notice they're getting cheated on.

Another Great Post! Can't wait for the next...